Ion Cleansing

We offer Ion Cleansing in our Chiropractic office.  Ion cleansing is a unique method of eliminating toxins and impurities from the body. Think of your body as a large magnet which attracts and holds different toxins. These toxins attach themselves to our internal organs, or circulatory system and our lymphatic system, which holds the cells responsible for fighting off disease. We contract these toxins through the environment, our work place, the foods we eat and the people we encounter on a daily basis.

Ion Cleanse

Each day, our body encounters different chemicals that alter the internal chemistry. As our body becomes more acidic, different diseases tend to take up residence and thrive, thereby making us ill. The opposite of acidic is alkaline or basic. With ion cleansing, the process involved utilizes positive and negative charges just like a magnet would and attaches to the impurities or toxins. Not only does it attach to the toxins, but it removes them through the pores of your skin, most notably the feet by a process called osmosis. Osmosis is just the passage of certain solutions through a porous substance. Our skin is porous, which allows substances to go in and out. Sweat is an example. But also, toxins will come out, and with this process, our body's natural chemistry is restored. With restoration comes better health.

So who would benefit from this treatment? The most common ailments treated with ion cleansing are fibroymalgia sufferers, allergies, sinuses, diabetics, impotence, arthritic sufferers, people with gout, fatigue, water retention which can occur with breast cancer survivors, athletes suffering from lingering injuries, females that suffer from chronic kidney or yeast infections and people who work around heavy metals to name just a few.

Ion Cleanse Beginning

During the process, a person places their feet in a pool of water, where the ion cleansing unit is placed. Again, the unit removes the body's toxins by generating a mix of positive and negative charges which are able to find the toxins in the body, attach to them and remove them through the skin. During the process, the patient will find their water color change dramatically due to the types of toxins found and removed.

Ion Cleanse at 10 minutes

Elapsed time: 10 minutes

Ion Cleanse at 20 minutes

Elapsed time: 20 minutes

Ion Cleanse at 30 minutes

Elapsed time: 30 minutes

For example, a person suffering from arthritis will find their water turn an orange color, whereas a person suffering from kidney or urinary tract problems will find the discoloration to turn more a yellow green. Heavy metals will usually release themselves in black flecks and if the liver is overwhelmed with toxins, your water will change to a dark brown to black color. The process is efficient and painless. Alternative methods have been used for years in the form of colonic irrigation, and also herbal and supplement remedies to clean the body. Neither method is as efficient or simple as the ion cleansing.

Ion Cleanse Chart

Following a series of treatments, the patient generally has an extraordinary release of toxic materials as said before, and develops a sense of heightened awareness, more energy and of course, greater health. Normal treatment plans for complete detoxification require two sessions per week for six weeks, followed by a rest period of at least 3 weeks. Generally, 2-3 sessions are required after the 3 week grace period and then a maintenance of once to twice per year is generally sufficient. Of course, this maintenance needs to be followed by a sensible, healthy diet and lifestyle, and cannot be littered with junk food and unhealthy living, otherwise the detoxification process is done more frequently, and health is altered. So, if you are looking for a powerful and simple way to detoxify your body of unwanted impurities, ion cleansing is a perfect alternative to utilize to enhance your health.

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